The World's First and Only

self-sanitizing screen protector


The Kare Lab

The Kare Lab brings over 30 years of expertise in supplying polypropylene goods across 100+ major cities across 4 continents. Providing medical-grade protective gears to leading institutes and hospitals globally. The Kare Lab is established with a mission to safeguard the world with quality, sustainable and accessible PPE supplies.



Michelle Chiu, Founder of The Kare Lab:

“Our phones are exposed to everything we have touched and are regarded as our ‘third hand’. As the world’s first and only protective film, certified by all three highly-esteemed international organisations, that can effectively kill 99% of Coronavirus (COVID-19, SARS, MERS), H1N1 influenza virus within 30 minutes and bacteria in 10 minutes, we are confident and excited to create this innovative product for everyday’s use to protect everyone in a virus and hassle-free environment where the Omnicron variant is still imposing high risks to health systems.”